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PHP 4.3.3RC2 released

Estas en el tema de PHP 4.3.3RC2 released en el foro de PHP en Foros del Web. aqui estan los cambios 30 Jul 2003, Version 4.3.3RC2 - Improved the NSAPI SAPI module (Uwe Schindler) . Added possibility to use PHP to ...
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PHP 4.3.3RC2 released

aqui estan los cambios

30 Jul 2003, Version 4.3.3RC2
- Improved the NSAPI SAPI module (Uwe Schindler)
. Added possibility to use PHP to generate HTTP error pages (404 Not Found..)
. Added possibility to use PHP to generate directory listings for directories
without index.html
- Upgraded the bundled Expat library to version 1.95.6. (Jani)
- Upgraded the bundled PCRE library to version 4.3. (Andrei)
- Added a new parameter to preg_match*() that can be used to specify
the starting offset in the subject string to match from. (Andrei)
- Fixed FastCGI IIS document root problem. (Shane)
- Fixed corruption of multibyte character including 0x5c as second
byte in multipart/form-data. (Rui)
- Fixed possible crash in imagerotate() when an invalid color index
is used for background color. (Pierre-Alain Joye)
- Fixed a bug that under certain circumstances could invalidate safe_mode.
- Fixed certificate version and allowed setting of the serial number in
openssl_csr_sign(). (Stefan Roehrich)
- Fixed each() to be binary safe for keys. (Zeev)
- Fixed bug #24873 (incorrect handling of / inside open_basedir). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #24827 (ob_gzhandler overrides Vary header). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #24783 (foreach($ar as $key => $val), $key not binary safe). (Zeev)
- Fixed bug #24760 (non-default SNMP port number not working). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #24752 (Unhandled "uniqueidentifier" field type).
(Ilia, s.sonnenberg[at]
- Fixed bug #24710 (Crash when $obj->{0} is used). (Zeev)
- Fixed bug #24663 (\n. sequences were not being escaped). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #24640 (var_export() and var_dump() can not output large floats).
- Fixed bug #24629 (FreeBSD select() does not like large microseconds values).
(Mirco Bauer).
- Fixed bug #24609 (ext/domxml: segfault when using replace node across
different docs). (Rob Richards)
- Fixed bug #24594 (Rewrite of the imagefill() function). (Pierre-Alain Joye)
- Fixed bug #24592 (NULL related crash in session extension). (Sascha)
- Fixed bug #24573 (debug_backtrace() crashes if $this set to null). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #24560 (parse_url() incorrectly handling certain file:// based
schemas). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #24557 (make fclose() respect refcount on the resource).
(Wez, Ilia)
- Fixed bug #24537 (apache2 compile misses some include directories). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #24535 (ext/mysql: crash when retrieving data from unbuffered
result after the original connection has been changed). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #24519 (aggregate_methods_by_list() does not increment refcount).
- Fixed bug #24313 (file_exists() warning on non-existent files when
open_basedir is used). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #24312 (base64_decode() does not skip 0xF0-0xFF characters).
(gereon.steffens[at], Ilia)
- Fixed bug #24284 (Fixed memory leak inside pg_ping()). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #24249 (fdf_add_doc_javascript() not available on Windows). (Edin)
- Fixed bug #24063 (scientific notation broken in *printf()). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #24028 (Reading raw post message by php://input failed). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #24009 (FastCGI handling of file not found). (Shane)
- Fixed bug #23808 (broken imagecopymerge()). (Pierre-Alain Joye)
- Fixed bug #23798 (Spaces were not being stripped from Bcc header). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #23792 (imagerotate() problems with limited platte, the function
will always return true color image from now on). (Pierre-Alain Joye)
- Fixed bug #23664 (FastCGI socket listenting). (Shane)
- Fixed bug #23685 (fake values returned when OID value is an empty string).
- Fixed bug #22690 (ob_start() did not work with create_function() callbacks).
- Fixed bug #21855 (Threading issue on HP-UX). (Roshan Naik, Andi, Moriyoshi)
- Fixed bug #21074 (Apache2: "ErrorDocument xxx /error.php" broken). (Jani)
- Fixed bug #19613 (putenv("VAR=") does not empty VAR on win32). (Zeev)
- Fixed bug #13142 (strtotime not handling "M d H:i:s Y" format). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #11924 (ibase_query(), ibase_execute() mangled passed parameters).

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