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Total Screen Recorder, a great tool for making video tutorials

Total Screen Recorder, a great tool for making video tutorials

It occurs very frequently that we need to explain to PC newbies how to use or set a program or how to fix a little problem when we are talking online. Some times we can explain to each other and solve the problem simply by communicating in forums or by MSN. However, more often than not, though we work very hard to explain to them, still they are at a loss. This is especially true when we are dealing with some complicated problems. What is more annoying is that you have to explain the same question to a lot of different people again and again. Then some people find it very useful to explain with illustration for some complicated tutorials such as programming, hacker or software configuration, it is more vivid and easy for people to follow.

Illustration is good. However, it usually takes a lot of pages, neither easy for people to read it over and nor for people to distribute. Speaking of illustration, why not go further and simply video the illustration step by step and distribute as one video file on the internet so that your tutorial will be even more vivid and useful to those newbies.

In fact, many video tutorials have already been flooding on the Internet. Some times it may appear as a flash, or an avi file. This makes it easy for people to download them and learn. Actually, to make such a video tutorial is very easy. You can make it by a Total Screen Recorder, which I would like to share with you today.

[URL=""]Total Screen Recorder[/URL] is an easy-to-use and clean-interfaced screen recorder. It can not only capture the videos on your screen, but also the sounds from both your computer and microphone. The recorded files can be saved as avi, swf, flv, wmv formats. You can choose the recording area as full screen, window screen, fixed screen or any part. It will record any activities on your chosen area, including mouse clicks, typing, cursors, videos etc. The software can be extensively used to create gameplay videos, educational tutorials, webcam videos, promotional videos and even spy screen etc.

Key Features of [url=""]Total Screen Recorder[/url]:
Record activity of full or part of screen into AVI or WMV file (only available in Standard and Gold version)
Record activity of full or part of screen into SWF or FLV file (only available in Flash and Gold version)
Fast speed and Very Easy to use
Support recording audio from both PC and MIC
Support recording mouse cursor
Support 5 capture types: random region, window, full screen, fixed size, fixed region
Support pause and resume recording
Support auto save recordings
Support record timer to start or stop recording automatically
Support blinking when recording
Support customized hotkey to start or stop recording quickly
Support sneak mode to record screen on the sneak
Log computer usage by automatically recording screen on Windows start up
Video/Audio codec parameter adjustable
Support hide on recording, window can be minimized to icon in system tray
The simplicity and clean-interface make it very easy to operate. However, you can still use this simple screen recorder to create the greatest tutorials. Of course, Total Screen Recorder is not limited to video tutorials. It can also be used to create gameplay videos, webcam videos, promotional videos etc.Click[url=""]here[/url] to learn and explore the greatness of Total Screen Recorder.
Though I am very discreet about the employment of the word “perfect”, I have to admit it really performs perfectly in nearly every ways. It is worthy of trying. By the way, Total Screen Recorder offers [noparse][url=""]a free trial version[/url] for 15 days. If you think it is really awesome as I am after trial, you may purchase it.