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Respuesta: Re: Desbloquear contraseña de en VBA desde excel

probaron hacerlo ustedes mismos usando la solución que dejo abrahamvj en este mismo post...

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Y que tal asi amigos:

This is a small instruction how to get access to protected VBA-Projects.

In advance, I want to point out you shouldn't use this for foreigns projects, please use it only, if you've forgotten the password of your own project !

Please make a backup of your file before you start.

And please note:
This instruction refers to Office 2000 or Office XP.
If you work with Office 97, it doesn't work !
In this case you could use VBAPass97.

What you need is a customarily Hex-Editor.
For instance to find here: HHD Software.

Step 1:
Open your file with the Hex-Editor.

Step 2:
Search for the bytes 44 50 42,
or for the chars DPB.
Be sure there exists after these chars
the strings "GC=" and "[Host Extender Info] !
Some programmers try to protect projects
with a dummy-row within a sheet.
Several programs for breaking vba passwords
find this dummy-row, consequently a wrong location !
So you should find the right locations above
"[Host Extender Info]" !

Step 3:
Change the chars DPB to DBx
After that, save the file.

Step 4:
Now open the file with Excel.
You receive a corresponding error, choose "Yes".
The following errors confirm with "OK"
Access to the VBA-Project particulary isn't possible in this step.

Step 5:
Open the preferences of the VBA-Project
and enter a new password.
This step is implicitly required !
Confirm with "OK".
After that, you can repeat this step and you can delete your password.
Now you've full acccess to your VBA-Project ! "
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Mi error era de código... pero de código genético.

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