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Antiguo 03/07/2010, 10:27
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Respuesta: Empresas de alojamiento (hosting) web con soporte para Python

- Nombre de la empresa: DreamHosts
- Sitio web:
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- Tipo de plan: Básico


Every DreamHost plan comes with full CGI (Common Gateway Interface) capabilities now! CGI is what allows your site to have any sort of "programming" element to it, rather than just being a collection of static files (whether they be HTML, images, flash animation, video, music, word documents, etc...). CGI "scripts" can be written in just about any programming language (perl, python, c, c++, and more) as long as they read in input from an HTTP request and output text that a web browser can understand! There are thousands of already-written CGI scripts out there you can get and install on your site, and we even provide a few standard ones