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Antiguo 24/03/2011, 14:42
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Revisar codigo (no me funciona9

Alguien puede ayudarme en repasar el siguiente codigo, no se el porque, pero no me funciona.

<TITLE>22 efectos de transición</TITLE>
<p align="center"><b>22 efectos de transición

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1">
<!-- Beginning of JavaScript -

messages = new Array()
messages[0] = "Transition effects are great if you want to"
messages[1] = "attract new visitors"
messages[2] = "without prolonging the loading time."
messages[3] = "What a pity that"
messages[4] = "Netscape Navigator users can't see it."
messages[5] = "Transition effects are great if you want to"
messages[6] = "enhance the impact of your pages"
messages[7] = "without wasting bandwidth and space."
messages[8] = "What a pity that"
messages[9] = "Netscape Navigator users can't see it."
messages[10] = "Transition effects are great if you want to"
messages[11] = "draw the attention of your visitors"
messages[12] = "without prolonging the loading time."
messages[13] = "What a pity that"
messages[14] = "Netscape Navigator users can't see it."
messages[15] = "Transition effects are great if you want to"
messages[16] = "attract new visitors"
messages[17] = "without wasting bandwidth and space."
messages[18] = "Now it's time to say goodbye."
messages[19] = "Thank you for visiting"
messages[20] = "We hope seeing you soon again."
messages[21] = "Have a nice trip into the next century."

mescolor = new Array()
mescolor[0] = "000000"
mescolor[1] = "FF0000"
mescolor[2] = "226622"
mescolor[3] = "0000FF"
mescolor[4] = "FFFF00"

textfont = new Array()
textfont[0] = "Verdana"
textfont[1] = "Times"
textfont[2] = "Arial"

bagcolor = new Array()
bagcolor[0] = "CCCCCC"
bagcolor[1] = "Yellow"
bagcolor[2] = "CCFFFF"
bagcolor[3] = "AAEEFF"
bagcolor[4] = "CCFF88"
bagcolor[5] = "orange"
bagcolor[6] = "99AAFF"

var i_messages = 0
var timer

function randomposition(range) {
return Math.floor(range*Math.random())

function dotransition() {
if (document.all) {
content.innerHTML = "<table width=320 height=180 border=2><tr><td bgcolor="+bagcolor[randomposition(6)]+" style='color:"+mescolor[randomposition(4)]+";font-family:"+textfont[randomposition(2)]+";font-size:28pt' align=center valign=middle>"+messages[i_messages]+"</td></tr></table>"
if (i_messages >= messages.length-1) {
i_messages = 0
else {

if (document.layers) {
document.nn.document.write("<table width=320 height=180 border=2><tr><td bgcolor="+bagcolor[randomposition(6)]+" align=center valign=middle>")
document.nn.document.write("<font face="+textfont[randomposition(2)]+" size=7 color="+mescolor[randomposition(4)]+">"+messages[i_messages]+"</font></td></tr></table>")
if (i_messages >= messages.length-1) {
i_messages = 0
else {
timer = setTimeout("dotransition()",3000)

// - End of JavaScript - -->
<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" onload="dotransition()">


<DIV id=content style="position: absolute; top:60; left:91; width:560; height:200; text-align:center; filter: revealTrans(Transition=1, Duration=3) revealTrans(Transition=2, Duration=3) revealTrans(Transition=3, Duration=2) revealTrans(Transition=4, Duration=2) revealTrans(Transition=5, Duration=1) revealTrans(Transition=6, Duration=3) revealTrans(Transition=7, Duration=2) revealTrans(Transition=8, Duration=1) revealTrans(Transition=9, Duration=3) revealTrans(Transition=10, Duration=1) revealTrans(Transition=11, Duration=2) revealTrans(Transition=12, Duration=3) revealTrans(Transition=13, Duration=1) revealTrans(Transition=14, Duration=2) revealTrans(Transition=15, Duration=3) revealTrans(Transition=16 Duration=1) revealTrans(Transition=17, Duration=2) revealTrans(Transition=18, Duration=3) revealTrans(Transition=19, Duration=1) revealTrans(Transition=20, Duration=2) revealTrans(Transition=21, Duration=3) revealTrans(Transition=22, Duration=3)"> </DIV>

<DIV id=nn style="position: absolute; top:20px; left:135px"> </DIV>

<!-- Simba says Roar. -->