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Antiguo 09/02/2012, 09:11
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Call to action de la w3c: dejen de hacer "only webkit pages"

Quizás a alguno de los usuarios del foro le resulte de interés, bien para no caer en mala praxis o para dejar de hacerlo, la llamada a la acción realizada por Glazou (Co-chairman of the W3C CSS Working Group) sobre lo que está ocurriendo con páginas sólo para webkit.

El tuit que llegó a mi TL con el enlace, vía @necolas
Cita: - a call to action by the chair of the CSS working group - stop building webkit-only sites, you kill standardisation.
El inicio del artículo en cuestión [ing]:
Not so long ago, IE6 was the over-dominant browser on the Web.
Technically, the Web was full of works-only-in-IE6 web sites
and the other browsers, the users were crying. IE6 is dead, this time
is gone, and all browsers vendors including Microsoft itself rejoice.
Gone? Not entirely... IE6 is gone, the problem is back.
WebKit, the rendering engine at the heart of Safari and Chrome,
living in iPhones, iPads and Android devices, is now the over-dominant
browser on the mobile Web and technically, the mobile Web is full of works-only-in-WebKit
web sites while other browsers and their users are crying. Many sites
are sniffing the browser's User-Agent string and filtering out
non-WebKit browsers. As in the past with IE6, it's not a question of
innovation but a question of hardware market dominance and software
bundled with hardware. But there is an aspect of the problem we did
not have during the IE6 era: these web sites are also WebKit-specific
because they use only "experimental" CSS properties prefixed with -webkit-* and not their Mozilla, Microsoft or Opera counterparts.
So even if the browser sniffing goes away, web sites will remain
broken for non-WebKit browsers...